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The benefits of joining are pretty simple: You don’t have to worry about the technical responsibilities that comes with running a blog and can devote 100% of your focus on solely writing. It will also give you the opportunity to be a part of our established community and get the chance meet new people who share a common interest.

Commited and Passionate Anime fans who have a lot to say! We are looking for Passionate writers, Talented Artists, Real Gamers, Manga Worms who are motivated to blog about Anime, Games Or share their artworks. We expect you to be punctual, have already watched a fair amount of anime and be committed to the team.

We are more interested in reading about your thoughts on the episode than recaps.
As a writer, You will be required to cover a minimum of two shows and no maximum. You can choose between these categories: (Anime Series, Episode Reviews, Top Tens, News, Movies & Manga).
As a gamer, We expect you to share updates about your favorite video games, Tutorials, Easter Eggs or whatever topic that interests you and are relevant. (only on porpular platforms e.g PS4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch) etc.
As an artist, Share your self created stonning artworks stating related descriptions and references of any.
As a Cosplayer, Well there isn't much required, Just Cosplay It, share your photos and have fun!!
Most importantly, Take into consideration what your schedule will be like down the line Based on your lifestyle, reflect on how much time you would actually have to blog. (EG: Are constantly busy studying for school or busy with work, or preoccupied with other commitments?) Ask yourself: Are you a seasonal writer? Or are you determined to be active all year round?

We will get back to you as soon as you send in your request to join the team. First come first serve will only happen if we are satisfied with your application. If not, it won’t change anything if you were the first person to email us. Remember The sooner your apply the sooner you will receive a notice of our approval.

Applying As A Content Manager, Artist, Or Gamer

Application Instructions!

This must be written in Word Document and titled as SUBJECT (below) and your Nickname. This will be attached to the email. If not, it will immediately be tossed into the trash bin.

EMAIL SUBJECT: YOUR PEN-NAME: Applying As a writer/artist/gamer/cosplayer for Anime-Weebbros (Pen-Name = Writer Name).

REASON: State the reason why you would like to join our team.

EXPERIENCE: How long have you been watching anime? What are your favourites? Have you blogged before? What got you interested into this? etc.

SAMPLE: Write up an entry based on an Anime Episode, Movie or Gaming of your choice. Must be an on-going title airing during the season you apply. TV - Shorts entries are not qualified. Minimum 300 Words (Writers).
Submit a piece of your best masterpiece with references if any (Artists).
You can also send in your Cosplay events/materials (Photos, Vids) etc (Cosplayers)..