Why The Age Of Shinobi Is Over In Boruto  Explain

Why The Age Of Shinobi Is Over In Boruto Explain

The future of the shinobi world


I’m going to discuss a theory why the age of ninja is ultimately going to end in the Naruto world. any believe that this generation of Boruto might be the last ninja generation the world witnesses. Today, I’m going to discuss some points that validate this theory. First let us compare the things that Naruto and Boruto’s generation faced.

Naruto’s generation lived through hardships and there was violence, and peace wasn’t sustained for a good period of time. But in Boruto’s case, the kids are brought up in a peaceful environment and these Genin think about playing video games which wasn’t the case in Naruto’s generation. First, becoming a shinobi in some clans was prioritized by the parents and the child put his everything on the line to become a shinobi but in today’s generation not becoming a shinobi is okay with parents.

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Peacefull times create weak shinobi


This is mainly because the need for the ninja has decreased tremendously. This means Boruto’s generation has a lot more choices to choose a line of work other than becoming a ninja. Also, when Kakashi Hatake was interviewing the various students of the academy he thought that all of them lacked the resolve to become ninja and that is why they did not deserve to be a ninja in the first place.


This was seen in the graduation exam arc when it is shown that Boruto despite being overly talented and getting high grades on paper had everything, but lacked the mindset and resolve to become a ninja. This lack of resolve in the new generation will ultimately be a cause of the downfall of the ninjas in the world. This has been highlighted in the series again, and again, and I think there is a reason behind it. It is going to come into play later on.

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Technology and the shinobi world.

now let us talk about technology. Technology is playing a central role in Boruto, and wasn’t used as much in Naruto.

Technology is surely going to affect the upbringing of the forthcoming ninja generations. More use of technology will require lesser and lesser input of hard work, like the ninja tool made by Katasuke using which one could use ninja techniques without even being a ninja. Now let us recap what reforms technology has bought. Katasuke created a prototype hand, that acts very similar to Momoshiki’s Rinnegan ability with which Naruto can absorb techniques (to an unknown limit/power).

Sarada used a flash bomb created by Katasuke’s team,which knocked out Boruto and Mitsuki’s senses to the point where she could take them both out. Mitsuki even noticed his snake-like attributes were affected too. Mittens and boots utilizing the Van der Waals forces so that they can move up walls, or climb without much effort.

A flying machine, self-explanatory. A healing foam that boost one’s natural efficiency to heal wounds. Now think all these will degrade the quality of the Shinobi and ultimately end their existence. Now notice what Kawaki tells Boruto Uzumaki, he tells him that he is going to send him where he sent Naruto. To which Boruto responds by saying, I guess that was the only possible outcome. Then Kawaki tells Boruto that the age of Shinobi shall end and Boruto says, and even so …. I’m still a shinobi.

The end draws near.

If one notices that Boruto never declines that the age of ninja will not end or it hasn’t ended but tells him in response “even so”. this means the age of ninjas has ended in the future, and it will be interesting to see how the world develops after that. that we have in front of us. Scientists might soon find a way to even surpass the powers of Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki.

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