Top 5 Most Useless Naruto characters

Top 5 Most Useless Naruto characters

Hey guys it's me again and welcome to my new blog post. Right here am going to enlighten you on this interesting topic about the Top 5 Most Useless Naruto characters. These characters are mostly weak in fights or just completely useless.

Naruto's 700 chapters are filled with memorable characters with different unique roles and personalities and these characters left impressions on readers. Some, not so good. I will be listing out those side characters and point out why they sucked in both character development and role.

HEADS UP!, This post is a one way trip through the original Naruto Series and back. Just as it's stated in the title, that means both characters and events outside Naruto Series Part 1 will not be adapted. With that said, Here are Top 5 Most Useless Naruto Characters:

5. Shizune

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That's right, she takes the fifth spot right off the bat in this infamous realm of worthlessness. Being Tsunade’s right-hand and all she often gets dragged into her master’s habitual gambling antics, i once saw a meme were she was dubbed the piglet sitter.

Throughout the entire series, All Shizune ever did was sit around the Hokage office holding Tonton and watching Tsunade do her paperwork doesn't even offer a helping hand. Its like she's in every panel but no one ever notices her. And every time something revealing happens, like Jiraiya's death, all she does is make a shocked expression and the next panel she's all normal.

Shizune is a medical ninja and a capable jonin on the same team as the world's TOP medical ninja! But trying to figure out the whole point of that makes it seem like a big joke. True she did play a major role in healing Neji but I just think she could at least focus on other specialties that could help Tsunade in battle if anything dangerous arises. That battle with her and Tsunade against Orochimaru and Kabuto, all she did was be a nuisance since Tsunade could do all she could do and more. And now, even SAKURA is far stronger and a better medical ninja leaving Shizune far behind even though she has been under the tutelage of Tsunade longer than Sakura.

My advice? Ditch the piggy and go do some real training.

4. Haku

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Like a shooting star, Haku vanished from the series almost as quickly as he was introduced. We saw a lot of potential from this young Shinobi back then. Kaskashi even commented during their encounter on Team 7's first major mission, that judging from his size and voice, he was about the same age as Naruto and yet an elite assassin. At this moment we begin to form an interest in Haku as he gave team 7 quite a scare especially young Naruto who was also pissed off about the great potential of a kid no bigger than he is.

Haku played the role of the right-hand man of Zabuza, Haku is known for his deadly kekkei genkai known as Ice Release . This ability was feared by both villagers and advanced shinobi.

So far Haku sounds pretty cool and not so bad right? Makes you wonder why he's even on this list. But let's not conclude just yet. The fact that Haku and his mentor Zabuza were only used as one-time characters in the series speaks alot about his whole character point and uselessness since they disappear after Team 7 learns their lesson and the manga moves onto the next arc. The whole arc, in a way, showcases the after effects of ninja wars and other Kage’s practices. Kishimoto would then repeat the same scenario, again in the later arcs, which eventually loses its weight in storytelling. By then, Haku’s overall plot is forgotten and meaningless in the grand scheme of things. He was the first antagonist with a compelling story, but eventually, he wadded off into obscurity and ended up having no emotional weight. Haku’s role served as a sacrificial lamb, and he is never heard of again until volumes later, when he and Zabuza are resurrected during the Fourth Shinobi War. Unlike other filler characters in the series, Haku is rarely mentioned every again.

3. Isaribi

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Initially, I was planning to make this list contain only major characters, but I just had make Isaribi a part of it I mean C'mon a list of useless Naruto characters clearly can't resist screaming out the name "ISARIBI!!!!"

The weird fish girl unfortunately gets the same poor treatment as most original characters in the anime. Naruto and Garra for example especially Naruto since her character arc is a rendition of the typical Naruto story: same bad treatment and societal rejection, no friends, and everybody hates her.

However, compared to other original characters, Isaribi’s arc is much, much worse. She didn't add anything to the actual story despite taking a good amount of screen time.

The last time we see her is with Tsunade researching with a cure. We don’t know if she’s okay, or alive for that matter, but then again, original anime characters who not pertaining to the manga plot often end up shelved after their filler arc is over.

2. Sakura

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As we all know, Kishimoto didn’t quite map out his female characters too well and Sakura bore the brunt of this. Dubbed the useless Shinobi since episode 3 (Picked that up from a hilarious Sakura meme ?). Sakura's character has always been somewhat annoying. To think we all had high hopes for her. Seemed promising after the first few times she appeared on screen, it was until after episode three that we begin to see some flaws that greatly devalued her character.

Her entire character revolved around Sasuke who never even showed any sort of interest in her, She had so much potential to become a strong, independent woman, but alas she remained a Sasuke fan girl to the end. Susuke shows up on screen for a second and she loses it. "Sasuke-kun!" "Naruto... please bring back Sasuke-kun! " And what's her reason for liking him? Just because she thought he was cute?

It just got me thinking about our main characters roles, While Naruto's goal was to become the hokage, and Sasuke's was to avenge his clan, and our main heroine, Sakura's goal was literally to marry Sasuke. I couldn't think of anything more ridiculous.

Let's not forget about her cry baby attitude that's annoying as hell and how she always mishandles Naruto at any chance she gets. I know it's mostly comic relief true but it doesn't get funny anymore if that's all she's good for. She sees Naruto and she's like "HMM.. THAT BOY HAS SAVED ME MULTIPLE TIMES... LET SMACK HIM!!!"

It's upsetting that a brilliant manga writer like Kishimoto made such a terrible heroine.

1. Ten Ten

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The last and the very least (In this case yeah! ) We got the infamous 10x10=TenTen and it's no surprise she's on the very first spot, Tenten easily takes the cake.

Along with being the most useless Naruto character, she also takes the place of most boring, underrated and worst developed character in the entire franchise. While other characters eventually learn new techniques, Tenten is still tinkering with scrolls throughout the entire series.

Masahi Kishimoto didnt give her a special technique and just included her so that Team Guy could be completed. Not only that, also they made her seem like such an empty character by not giving her an appealing backstory like every other original main characters. And guess what! It's a shocking fact that Tsunade's pig Tonton actually gets more screen time than she did (Crazy right? ? ) She was basically ignored throughout the series.


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