This Man Balances Being An Otaku And Doing His Part Time Job By Watching Anime In 2.5X Playback Speed

This Man Balances Being An Otaku And Doing His Part Time Job By Watching Anime In 2.5X Playback Speed

This Man is able to balance being an Otaku and doing his part time job by watching anime in 2.5X playback speed

There's a huge pile of anime shows out there to keep up with and lots of fans find it incredibly tasking to catch up with their favorite shows especially the new fans who recently started getting into anime.

With so much good shows available and new ones debuted every season, it becomes hard to balance being an otaku with your daily life/study or part time jobs.

However this is not the case for old man Stephen Sherman who has got it all beat with his self taught watch d show 2.5x faster no jutsu. You'll find that this technique is not relatively new and a handful of mega-otakus do it but it's a little different in Sherman's case.

According to him, the difference is not too noticeable and watching at normal pace started to feel like slow motion. Most of you probably think that this is not a very good way to watch anime as you don't actually enjoy it plus the audio becomes crappy with the characters having a higher pitched voice kinda like the chipmunks.

But it's not like that for Sherman as he finds it completely normal. He's literally mastered the art and discovered his own revolutionary way to watch anime.

Power comes in response to a need according to Goku. Sherman needed to watch all his desired anime to his satisfaction without having to quit his day job and discovered this technique as a result.

By adjusting the playback speed on his video player, Sherman effectively reduces the amount of time he must spend each week watching seasonal anime.

Playing all videos at 2.5x speed or higher, four episodes of ONE PIECE fit into an hour. An entire season of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z goes down on the bus ride from D.C. to New York. With this you'll find that the time savings are enormous.

Here's what he said:

It was a bit of a challenge at first, getting used to reading the subtitles so quickly. Some shows are harder to manage than others at these speeds, but it became easier after a while. At first i needed to pause the video quite a few times but later, that didn't become a problem anymore.

You have to admit speeding up video is more than an efficiency hack. that acceleration makes viewing more pleasurable and the animation is mostly smooth. Most comedy animes played at twice the speed is far funnier, the jokes come faster and they seem to hit harder.

Sherman’s new found technique has had an impact on his daily life as well as altered his sense of reality.  He claims to have received a promotion at work for his sudden increase in productivity but as a result of continuous speed viewing he can’t watch television in real-time anymore it's all too slow now he said.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, "Sherman continued." Now I can balance my love for anime with my everyday life. I really think it’s something everyone should be doing. Probably the best thing that’s come of it is that I have more time to spend with my wife and kids.

A lot of fans frown upon this concept and many could come up with 10 billion reasons why it's a NO NO. Regardless of these naysayers, Sherman is sure he will continue using this revolutionary technique, as it has proven to be best for both himself and his family.

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