NEW Confirmations about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 July 2019

NEW Confirmations about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 July 2019

Dragon Ball Super came to an official close On March 25 ending with episode 131 and leaving the fans of the series waiting for the next animated film. It seems, however, that the rumours of recent months could be confirmed about a new Dragon Ball TV series! The sensational indiscretion has been around social media in the last hours and has also rebounded on Reddit.

The news about the return of Dragon Ball Super broke out a couple of weeks ago although there wasn't yet any official comfirmation until recently.

It was reported that there was going to be a speacial event coming up on April which will hold in Italy to discuss the future of Dragon Ball Super for 2019 and upcoming years.



Early last week, our sources have comfirmed that Dragon Ball Super 2 will be coming early July 2019 and it has already been in production for a while. 

Right now they are currently in the key animation phase and we should get an announcement  by the end of April if not early may and hopefully the very first trailer will be released shortly after the announcement.

We also have additional sources comfirming it's official release on July and talking about what happened at the event in Italy coming from @Yonkou Productions and @EmperorBigD.

Also reported by the well-known insider @GovetaXV, a reliable source who is always super updated on the latest news regarding the franchise of Akira Toriyama.



It's also rumored that Toei will be doing cymo cast in various countries starting with Italy for this run of Dragon Ball Super 2. They want to get the translations out as quickly as possible to a whole lot of countries so if you are in one of those countries that would be getting it late or haven't gotten at all, then you should be patient because there is a possibility that you would be getting a whole bunch of new Dragon Ball very soon.

Toyotaro will also be handling the new TV series with the original material to be adapted from his work. Yes it is comfirmed that the return of Dragon Ball Super will be written entirely by Toyotaro. This is because, as the author of the manga already affirmed in the past, the history of the franchise will continue in the paperwork even after the Tournament of Power, probably to anticipate or carry forward the events even after "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." To those who don't know, the "DBS: Broly" is written by Akira Toriyama.


Broly goku and vegeta


Most of us are already in the hype mode about DBS return, The new series to pick up after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly which means Broly will most likely be a main character after Goku and Vegeta and that's something we fans can't wait to see.

In any case we still have to wait for the official announcement by Toei Animation. More updates concerning the new TV series will turn up hopefully very soon.





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