Goku Voice Actor Sean Schemmel Questions Why Goku Is Not Coming To Smash

Goku Voice Actor Sean Schemmel Questions Why Goku Is Not Coming To Smash

Goku's English voice actor Sean Schemmel complains he has not yet recorded nor have been approached by anyone from Nintendo or otherwise to record for Nintendo's new Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

He also added that he is confused and questions why Goku is not coming to smash?.

Nintendo raised the hopes of many Dragon Ball fans, who wish to see Goku represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Fans have been begging to get Goku from Dragon Ball to be in the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate ever since DLC characters were announced for the game.

Unfortunately, it turns out that it is not happening as Sean Schemmel, the English voice actor of Goku, informed fans that he hasn’t been approached by Nintendo to record for the game and is “equally perplexed”.


Also we recently got an update from the game director Masahiro Sakurai stating that Goku is definitely not coming to smash.

Funimation team recently suggested that Goku being their anime favorite be invited to Smash as well, and fans will easily back this choice.

The company took to Twitter to throw their suggestion into the ring, which is none other than Goku from Dragon Ball Z. The company created a mock-up image with “A new foe has appeared!” and Goku’s silhouette, and noted, “Hey, Nintendo. When’s our boy Goku going to join the fight?”.

You can see this from the tweet below.


So there you have it. Goku is not coming to Smash. Definetely not happening. Maybe they're scared of our boy Goku easily fading all the characters.

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