Funimation announces DBZ 30th Anniversary

Funimation announces DBZ 30th Anniversary

We Recently got tweets from Funimation and Toei Animation showing pictures of the three and four star Dragon Balls. Captioning these tweets was a teaser that something "legendary" would be coming. Dragonball Z 30th Anniversary Celebration with a Collector's Edition Blu-ray compiling the full series along with some extra goods.

Wait, there's more, it was also stated that there more details about the set along with a reservation period for interested fans will be revealed along with the plans for the set. But they admit they need at least 2,500 fans to reserve the set in order for it to be produced. They need to measure interest since it's a high cost endeavor, and 2,500 is the minimum of interested fans needed according to Funimation.


Funimation's proposed 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition will include the full series on Blu-ray along with new bonus content, North America's first hardback artbook (which will only be released in this set), and an exclusive collectible Goku figure. But the release of the new set is not quite set in stone at the moment.

The downside according to Funimation is that if they fail to get the 2,500 pledges to buy the Collector's Edition, they will not release the anniversary set.

We’re holding ourselves to the commitment that your pledge actually means something and is more than a gesture, so if we don’t hit the minimum, we will not create the set.

If you're curious about the 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition, you can find more information here.

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