Warning: If you guys haven't caught up with manga chapter 51 then this is your spoiler alert warning.

But assuming you guys have read the recent chapters, then you would know that Merus is now going to be teaching Goku how to master Ultra Instinct. 

We will be looking at how Merus is able to do what he did which is currently creating a big buzz and raising a lot of questions about who this guy really is.

Merus is an elite galactic patrolman. Probably the strongest in the force. He's caught the attention of both Goku and Vegeta recently as well as all Dragon Ball fans. 

I think now we can all agree that there is more to the fellow than meets the eye.

Merus was highly underrated when he first appeared and it's no surprise because most of the time whenever we see these galactic patrolmen, they're always so drastically weaker but not in Merus's case.


We see Merus dishing out his dodging abilities against Super Saiyan 3 Goku and not even being fazed by Super Saiyan god and this is what's raising some red flags and getting people wondering who really is this guy? Why does Goku want to train under him so bad? Isn't it like a step down from Whis? Why train under someone who presumably is a lot weaker than Whis? 

I hope they reveal a lot more in depth to this character and all these not being as a result of some really bad plot writing because a lot of things about both Merus and Moro doesn't make any sense like it was stated that Merus was in charge of over a hundred and four districts why hasn't he encountered Frieza even once?

Merus has shown feats that matches Goku in Super Saiyan god he definitely would've been able to fade Frieza or even Kid Buu when they were going about destroying planets. 

We've seen Goku nearly wiped out a universe while clashing punches with a god of destruction and now this new guy with no backstory, no real development, no anything just shows up and is able to go toe to toe with Goku in his Super Saiyan god form. 

I feel like it would be a huge let down if no proper explanation is given to why this guy is able to do these things.

The only real explanation which according to my opinion fits this character perfectly is the theory that he might be a Fallen Angel with Moro being the god of destruction of their universe.

This makes a lot of sense because in terms of what Moro has been doing as a planet eater all this while isn't something that is entirely new to us I mean he's technically doing Beerus's job.


Also as we all know Angels and Destroyers are named after famous alcoholic beverages. There's a wine named Merus and also one named Moro so I'll let you put the pieces together.

Another thing is Merus does share a resemblance to the Angels although it's hard to really confirm this by just looking at the manga panel chapters but you can see in some of the chapters that Merus's hair is somewhat white in color it's just his skin color and his face that just needs to be shown in the official lighting. Most images we see on the internet are just recolors of various theories about Merus.


Also as you might probably have noticed Merus was actually using the exact same pose as Whis. We see him using the "Wing Chung" pose very similar to how Whis was using it when training Goku and Vegeta. 

Merus knows quite a lot about Ultra Instinct and how to master it. We even see him lecturing Goku and giving him tips about Ultra Instinct and how triggering it is far different from his normal Super Saiyan form which is triggered by emotions also hinting that he does knows about the Super Saiyan form as well and gives a good explanation about how it is achieved again just like Whis explaining the form to Beerus back then.


Vegeta was the first to notice something about Merus seemed pretty off while Goku drops his guard down as usual and is completely naive about Merus although he does began to pick up bit by bit while training with him.

There's a possibility that Merus might actually be an Angel or an attendee angel in training just as Zamasu was a Kai in training under Gowasu or perhaps but not most likely, Merus might be one of the angels that survived after Zen-Oh had wiped out six of the remaining universes that we know of because it is a fact that the angels remain after a universe and it's god of destruction is erased and they never did explained what happened to the angels of those 6 universes that were destroyed.


And again, all these are just theories there isn't yet a 100% confirmation to back this up but I feel like this is the nearest possibility that we might discover about this Merus character.

I just hope that they don't shove it off under the carpet as always because as far as Dragon Ball Super goes, the logic is pretty much a joke an they don't properly explain the origins of most characters that just pops up in the series like Jiren's backstory was poorly explained in just a few scenes not even up to 5 minutes long.

It would be a huge waste if they did the same to Merus

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