BREAKING: Massashi Kishimoto Confirms New Boruto X Naruto Crossover Arc

BREAKING: Massashi Kishimoto Confirms New Boruto X Naruto Crossover Arc

Breaking News: Good things are coming our way. We recently got a teaser visual and the latest interview with Massashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto regarding future developments for the Boruto series.

It's a known fact that Kishimoto seemed to have already moved on from his hit manga series Naruto and is now 100% focused on his new Samurai 8 but about recently Kishimoto came out in an interview and he talked about this HUGE plan and future surprises he has in store for us Naruto/Boruto fans.

Turns out Kishi really can't stay away from the Naruto series and despite his new manga still coming up, he's still trying to keep the Naruto Boruto legacy going and according to him there's a huge development coming for the Boruto Naruto's Next Generation anime.

This news came so suddenly and it's really exciting for me because truth be told the Boruto series hasn't exactly been a joy ride for me. Am not saying it was really bad, this is just my personal opinion about the series I don't know if most of you guys found it as underwhelming as I did.

But yeah turns out they're finally about to give us some new original stuff and shake things up a little and that's what am so excited about.

This was a very big announcement and it's going to be happening this coming month of October which is almost here so we don't have to wait very very long just a couple weeks which is totally worth it.

We have here some visuals about the interview and also some words directly from Kishimoto himself along with the voice actors of Naruto and Boruto, a promotional image which is the most beautiful things I've seen all day.

In the above image we see Boruto in what looks like some regular clothing reaching out to kid Naruto who's wearing his signature orange and black in the earlier series of part one.

It's pretty obvious where this is going I mean Boruto interacting with the younger Naruto, there's gotta be some kind of time loop or something similar to Boruto going back in time.

However the arc might play out, I think the end result is pretty clear. Boruto meeting kid Boruto's dad Face To Face. Would be a glorious moment to see Naruto like wondering "Why this kid looks exactly like me? How come he knows the rasengan?" and all of the WTF questions he might have.

Kishimoto's comment

It's an original story compared to what we've been watching all this time. With the way they've been hyping this up and the fact that it's to celebrate the 20th anniversary, this is probably going to have some amazing visuals and might impact a lot in the development of the Boruto series.

Here are some comments from the voice actors of Naruto and Boruto:

Naruto's Voice Actor said:


Comment By Boruto's Voice Actor

The hype is real guys I can't contain this much excitement like how far back would they go? I mean we could see Boruto interacting with Master Jairaya or his uncle Neji. We could see Boruto interacting with the younger Sasuke you know him being his sensei and all? That would be lit.

I know some of you guys might push the "Filler Button" on this one. Even though it's gonna look amazing at the end of the day it's just filler and they just go back to the old boring Boruto. Could be true but don't be too quick to jump into conclusions yet I mean it would be like a waste of time for them to give us something this good then just kill it off to filler just like that.

Anyways I'd love to hear your opinions about it in the comments below. Who would you love to see interacting with each other and stuffs like that.


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