5 Animes Where The Villain Completely Owned The Protagonist Or Almost Killed Him In A Fight

5 Animes Where The Villain Completely Owned The Protagonist Or Almost Killed Him In A Fight

We've seen too much of the good guys always winning and kicking the villain's ass all the time, it's gotten pretty boring. I hold One Punch Man responsible for this most especially.

When it comes to epic beat downs, we always root for the pro-tag and expect him to get the longer end of the stick. Pull up to the fight scene, clench his fists and say some pretty words about friendship and not giving up with his background theme already playing right the minute he walked in, Kick the villain's ass and have him wondering where he got that strange power from all of a sudden, then save the girl and go home.

You see these scenes have become way too predictable coz we see it in 88% of the fight scenes.

It's true that sometimes the villain also gets to win some but what we don't get to see all the time is the good guys getting completely wrecked, humiliated and made to look like some weak piece of sh**t especially by villains who had previously been dubbed as underrated.


Like get some real ass whooping they start wondering whether they switched places with the antagonists. Everyone loves a happy ending but sometimes you gotta spice things up a little, give us a smol scene where the good guy gets completely owned, physically and emotionally destroyed or how i like to call it: YAMCHA'ed

Well here are some few scenes where we got to witness the tragic disgrace of the protagonist.


1. Broly ICED A Super Saiyan God Goku *Literally ICED*

Apparently the form that nearly destroyed the Universe while clashing punches with Beerus was rendered as a complete joke by this Sinister Saiyan. We see Goku nearly torn apart by Broly going full Berserk mode and dragging Goku's face accross ice. Didn't know frozen water hurt that much.

This is not the first time Goku was completely humiliated by someone we could all swear he was a lot stronger than even with his numerous over hyped forms. Like Kale for example who is apparently a She-Broly.

Even Beerus, and Jiren have gotten their satisfying pieces of Goku scaps. Broly is like 4 forms below Goku in this fight but clearly that didn't stop him from fading his godly @$$.



2. Mad Pierrot Beats The Living Crap Out Of Spike In 'Cowboy Bebop'

I gotta tell you this is one of the few scenes where we see our beloved Spike in such a weak light.

Seeing that the normally superb hand-to-hand fighter like Spike is completely pulverized five times before hitting the ground with an unbelievable sequence culminating with enough sequential back flips to keep him airborne.

The GOATED Villian Mad Pierrot a genetically enhanced psychopath packed with incredible abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and a kinetic shield that makes him nearly immortal. This dude manhandled our Spike Boy and got him running for his dear life like F** this shit am outta here.



3. Grimmjow Owns Ichigo Horribly With One Arm

Don't you just love MC humiliation moments? Especially that scene in Bleach when Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez humiliates Ichigo not just once but twice.

In the first fight Ichigo doesn't have access to Vizard powers, and he is hampered by his hollow, so Grimmjow owns him horribly.

Even though Grummjow is missing an arm during their second battle, Ichigo still can't outmatch him. For a while, Ichigo has him on the ropes thanks to his Hollowfication powers, but once it breaks, Grimmjow manages to snatch victory a second time. This time, Ichigo is saved when Rukia temporarily freezes Grimmjow, giving the hero a chance to escape. 

4. Edward Almost Got Chopped Off By Barry The Chopper

Fear can really bring the Chicken straight out of the normally cool Edward Elric

You can see him screaming for his dear life as he struggles to save himself and his childhood friend, Winry Rockbell, from a serial killer named Barry the Chopper, who kidnaps them in his butcher van. 

Barry is a minor antagonist in the Full metal Alchemist series. He is one of the two armor guards ordered by the Homunculi to kill any intruders to the Fifth Central Alchemical Laboratory.

A former serial killer, he became a human test subject in the military's alchemical experiments and, in lieu of execution, had his disembodied soul bound to a suit of armor, similar to Alphonse Elric.

In a moment of desperation, Ed comes close to killing Barry, but his younger brother Alphonse intervenes just in time. The kidnapping incident — which (at the time) marked the closest anyone had come to killing Ed — leaves a deep emotional scar on the elder Elric brother. If the duo are serious about pursuing the Philosopher's stone, they need to be ready to put their lives on the line.


5. Crocodile Almost Killed Luffy "TWICE"

Crocodile really came to close to killing Luffy twice. Luckily Luffy got a really good plot armor thing going on so he was saved both times.

When Luffy and gang had made contact with Sir Crocodile, Luffy at that time didn't know how to counter Crocodile's devil fruit ability thus got decimated. He was run through by Crocodile's hook and left for dead in a quicksand. Luffy would have been done for if Robin hadn't save him. Croc flexes on Luffy pretty badly and on a beautiful sunset.

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